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      Nothing nourishes your child’s love of learning and creativity like having some amazing books proudly displayed in their bedroom — and Baby Relax’s collection of kid-friendly bookcases and bookshelves are the perfect place to start.

      Well-constructed but lightweight enough to easily rearrange throughout the bedroom, these bookshelves offer lots of storage configurations including open shelving and others with hideaway drawers. There’s plenty of styles and colors to explore; from neutral greys and whites, to more natural wood grain designs. Ladder style bookshelves have also become increasingly popular in recent years, which can fit nicely into the little nooks and corners of your kid’s bedroom.

      Whatever kind of bookcase you choose, don’t be afraid to go beyond books and use these shelving units to display some of your kid’s favorite possessions, pictures, or souvenirs from past adventures. It’s great to give them their own little conversation starters for when they have friends over to play — and it’ll help keep them safe from being trampled on or getting lost in a disorganized closet!