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      Desk & Table Chair Sets

      Remember how fun it was as a kid to sit down at your own little table and embark on your next big craft or project? These kid s desk & table chair sets are perfect for bedroom, nursery, office, and living room settings — or wherever else your children like to enjoy their after school activities.

      Made with sturdy wooden construction and available in a range of vibrant colors, these table and chair sets feature lowered heights that are suitable for growing children, leaving just the right amount of room between their lap and the top of the table so they have no problems writing, typing, or getting hands-on with a special craft.

      These tabletops offer easy-to-clean surfaces in case their next art project or homework assignment gets a little messy. And if they’re allowed to have some screen time, you’ll have no problem fitting a tablet or small computer on top.

      A quick tip for hanging art above kids desks and table sets: if you’re going to place pictures on the walls, remember to hang them at heights relative to your child’s field of vision. The same general “eye-level” rule that you’d follow elsewhere in your home also applies to your kids, so you’ll want to bring things down a bit lower than you’re used to!