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      Looking for the perfect kid’s nightstand or side table for their bedroom? The most important (but easy to forget) measurement is height relative to your child’s bed and mattress. This is one instance where you’ll want the measurements to line up almost exactly. Too tall or too low, and even the most fabulous farmhouse nightstand will look out of place next to their bed. Stay within a couple inches, and also leave room for a couple inches of clearance widthwise in between their nightstand and bed so that snooze button is easy to reach from under the covers.

      When it comes to color, just remember that your nightstands don’t need to exactly match the bed. And if you have two, they don’t even need to match each other. Using white on one side and black or wood on the other might add just the kind of layered depth your room is looking for.

      You might also want to explore narrow tables or floating nightstands that are attached to the wall for an extra airy feeling. But a more traditional 2 or 3 drawer mid century set might be more practical if you’re seeking extra storage space, as is so often the case in kids bedrooms!