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      Conversion Kits

      Parents can certainly appreciate the life-long value and versatility of convertible crib sets, which are designed to turn into big kid beds and other toddler + adult configurations as your child grows up. But if you didn’t buy the entire set when you first got your crib — don’t worry, you can still purchase compatible, easy-to-install conversion kits from Baby Relax with individual elements after the fact, allowing you to customize their sleep space however (and whenever) they’re ready.

      Our conversion kits are designed to minimize assembly and work effortlessly with corresponding models, featuring solid wood and metal construction in styles ranging from rustic to wood to sleek white, naval blue, black and plenty of other mature palettes. The first step is turning your traditional crib into a toddler-safe pad using guardrails with openings so they can start getting themselves in and out of bed (the beginning of a lifelong battle for all us parents!).

      When you’re ready to transition into a “grown up” bed, our bed rail converting kits can transform into proper headboards — available in sophisticated mid century, farmhouse, and contemporary styles that will grow up wonderfully with your child.