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      There’s no other room in your home where you’ll make more memories than your baby’s nursery. Getting a nursery setup for the first time can feel like a daunting task, but Baby Relax has all the baby-safe essentials you’ll need in a range of beautiful contemporary and rustic farmhouse styles to create a calm and inviting environment.

      One thing that makes nursery rooms a lot different from your typical bedroom is the importance of ceiling design. Your little boy or girl is going to be spending a lot of time looking upward from their crib, so try looking for ways to incorporate engaging design touches into the ceiling space. Consider unique paint colors or decals to add some playful character into their field of view; or look for other areas on the walls or high in the corners to create fun focal points.

      We like to talk about the importance of decluttering in just about every room of your house — but it’s especially important in your baby’s room considering all the late-night trips you’ll be making in and out (often with full armloads of supplies). As best you can, try to maximize the traffic flow of your space by arranging larger fixtures like your crib, bookshelf, dresser or rocking chair away from the entryway.

      Shop Baby Relax Nursery + Baby Furniture by Style

      Convertible Cribs — Modern baby-safe designs featuring adjustable mattress base styles that can adapt as your baby grows taller.

      Conversion Kits — Evolve your crib as they grow with convertible guardrails.

      Changing Tables, Dressers & Toppers — Design the perfect changing station with adequate storage for all your wipes, diapers and clothes.

      Gliders & Rockers — Story time wouldn’t be complete without one of these stylishly soothing rocking chairs.